Accounting automation

Data is probably your most important asset. Qvalia provides true accounting automation by turning financial transactions into big data. Processed, structured and uploaded to your ERP or accounting software.

Accounting on autopilot. Finally.

Accounting automation reinvented. Your organisation gets completely structured accounting data seamlessly uploaded to your ERP or accounting software. Categorised transactional data down to every line item on every invoice. Instantly and automated.

Just route your invoices through our cloud platform or use us as your e-invoice operator, and validate your invoices with our accounts payable solution Invoice Shield. 

The secret? Our accounting engine treats your most important asset differently.

automated accounting

Level up. Accounting automation for the enterprise.

Automated accounting

We treat your data differently. Powered by artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing technology, your accounting data is instantly categorised and uploaded to your ERP or accounting software. Each line item on every purchase invoice is analysed. No codification and posting needed. No capital leakage. No VAT confusion.

Real-time spend analysis

Monitor your spend in real-time. What your organisation has purchased, from whom, and when. Discover the benefit of fully informed data-driven procurement decisions.


Improve – without disrupting your IT. Qvalia integrates your accounting data seamlessly and securely to your ERP or accounting software through our flexible APIs or SFTP.

How it works. Automated transactional accounting.

E-invoice operator

Use Qvalia as e-invoice operator or route invoices through our platform.

Line-item analysis and categorisation

Invoices are analysed and line-items are identified. Our categorisation engine structures items into categories.


Categories are summarised and converted into accounting data.

ERP integration

Your accounting data is transferred via our APIs into your ERP or accounting software. Neatly categorised into every single line-item.

Spend analytics

Qvalia provides detailed spend analytics in real-time based on every line-time purchase. Get insights into what has been purchased, from whom, and when. Instantly.

Digital strategy recovery audit analytics


  • No more time wasted on transactional accounting
  • Reduced accounting errors and complexity
  • Data-driven procurement decisions with real-time spend analytics

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