What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL has been developed to simplify the handling of e-invoices and other business documents for companies, organizations and the public sector across Europe. It is currently quickly spreading to other countries outside of Europe.

PEPPOL is short for Pan European Public Procurement Online. Since April 2019, it is the law within the EU that public entities only are allowed to receive e-invoices in new contracts.

Information distributed in the PEPPOL network is sent directly between the respective business systems or invoice management programs. This is usually done via an e-invoice operator that works as a service provider (access point).

The handling of e-invoices has been complex and costly in the past, partly due to a lack of broader international standards for communication of electronic business documents.

PEPPOL makes handling easier both nationally and cross-border. The transfer of information is completely flawless, unlike paper and PDF, and improves the possibilities of automating the finance processes.

The initiative is run by the non-profit organization OpenPEPPOL. PEPPOL is well-positioned to become a global standard as more and more countries outside the EU join.