Feature - Workflow

Invoice approval workflow made simple

A workflow that works—in your finance routines and for your organization. Add efficiency and control to your invoice approval workflow process.

  • Reduce the time spent
  • Maximize accessibility
  • Solve disputes with ease
  • Mobile app or browser

One-click approval workflow

Ensure your efficiency with one-click invoice approval workflow. Get the work done in any browser or on your mobile. Stay alerted with push notifications and get rid of paper trails and email reminders.

Customizable approval workflows

Create and customize workflows that perfectly fit your organizational needs. Define roles, permissions, and hierarchies easily with our intuitive user interface.

One place for all information

Find all relevant invoice information in one convenient place. Submit comments, questions, and manage disputes with complete visibility over supplier info, original documents, and timelines for any purchaser.

Approval workflow with unlimited users

Add as many users as you need to your invoice approval workflow. It doesn’t affect the cost.

Workflow has no license fee or hidden costs. You only pay for what you use.

Integrate approval workflow

Quick setup, easy integration

Workflow is a companion app for Qvalia’s accounts payable automation solutions, e-invoice operator and Peppol access point. All manual accounts payable tasks, including invoice validation, are automated.

Enable line-item accounting automation

With our Autoposting functionality enabled, you’ll seamlessly integrate line-item level accounting automation for all your supplier invoices.

Vendor management

Upgrade for advanced features

Upgrade at any time for advanced process automation features — invoice scanning, invoice validation, deviation management, master data monitoring with automated updates, real-time spend analytics, and more.

Learn how Workflow can accelerate processes