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Analytics for procurement teams

Spend analysis solutions for procurement teams. Accelerate your decision-making with detailed insights in real time.

  • Automatically categorized spend
  • Dynamically visualized analytics
  • Instantly accessible data

Your spend data, accessible and visualized

Spend insights are essential for strategic decision-making in procurement. From cost reduction programs to contract compliance, our spend analytics solutions provide immediate insights, dynamically visualized.

Instant analytics

Insights from your spend data — instantly accessible and visualized. Spend analysis software with minimal implementation.

Automated classification

Dig deeper with automatically identified, analyzed, and categorized invoice line items. All your purchase data is classified according to UNSPSC-taxonomy.

Accelerate your savings

Turn insights into actionable results for your cost-saving program.

Improve contract compliance

Ensure a holistic control of contract compliance.

Enhance controlling

Accessible real-time data for your reporting, budgeting, and accounting needs.

Dynamic visualization of procurement data

Create the reports you need and accelerate your decision-making.

spend analytics procurement


Integrate with your existing data visualization software or ERP.

Full support

Get onboarded in no time with help from our dedicated customer success team.


Simplified access to the full-suite transaction management platform.

procurement analytics software

Supplier insights integrated

Advance your compliance and spend control with seamlessly integrated supplier information. Business critical company data — accessible from the world’s leading databases.

  • Key financial figures
  • Credit rating
  • Credit limit
  • Tax and VAT registered
  • Payment remarks
  • Founding year
  • Contact details
  • Company type
  • Industry

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