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Peppol e-order management

The Peppol e-order management solution. Ready-to-run processes to streamline sales and purchases.

  • Send, receive, and manage e-orders
  • Manage e-catalogs
  • Real-time updates and responses
  • Turn orders into invoices with a click
  • E-commerce-ready

Send and receive e-orders.
Perfect for e-commerce

Get started with Qvalia and get all you need to send, receive, and manage e-orders, e-catalogs, and response messages. Integrate with your ERP or OMS.

Merchants can enable punchout and e-ordering on e-commerce platforms using our B2B payment gateway.

Streamline and automate e-order management

Speed up processes, ensure compliance, and automate flows with e-ordering capabilities. Manage e-orders via the global Peppol network to improve sales and purchase transactions.

All-in-one intuitive web interface

Sign up and get started today for all sales transaction needs. Our intuitive cloud-based solution for your e-order and e-invoicing management needs.

Automation from e-order to invoice

Automate your process. Our platform turns incoming orders into invoices in an instant. Distribute as a compliant e-invoice or in PDF format via email.

Correct & compliant transactions

Reduce errors and stay compliant with e-ordering. Structured data minimizes PO errors for all parties and ensures compliance with the increasing number of countries and industries requiring electronic orders.

E-commerce and e-procurement

Punchout via Peppol transforms e-commerce for customers and suppliers. Discover the business message that combines orders and catalogs and enables dynamic processes.

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All documents and processes

Exchange the documents you need for your business.

  • Peppol BIS Order Only
  • Peppol BIS Ordering
  • Peppol BIS Advanced Ordering
  • Peppol Order Response Transaction
  • Peppol BIS Catalogue with response
  • Peppol BIS Catalogue without response
  • Peppol BIS Despatch Advice
  • Peppol BIS Order Agreement
  • Peppol BIS Message Level Response
  • Peppol BIS Invoice Response
  • Peppol BIS Billing

Rapid integration and setup

Get up and running quickly with our APIs or SFTP integration. Our onboarding team helps you from start to finish.

E-commerce ready

Integrate e-orders to your e-commerce platform and simplify e-procurement. Qvalia works seamlessly with your e-commerce platform.

Archiving and audit trail

Nothing gets lost. All your data is archived and searchable with full traceability.

What is an e-order?

An e-order, short for electronic order, is a structured purchase document exchanged over the Internet. The exchange can be made between VAN operators and via the international Peppol network. E-orders can be created by using purchasing or procurement systems or on e-commerce platforms through online shopping carts, where items are selected and then purchased via invoice or using a credit card. The supplier typically receives e-orders in an order management system to track and manage the order status.

What is the business network Peppol?

Peppol is a cross-border network for electronic exchange of invoices and other business-related documents. Developed by the European Union, it aims to streamline trade for businesses, organizations, and public sector entities by offering a standard platform for e-document exchange. Peppol incorporates industry standards like Peppol BIS Ordering and Peppol Transport Infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of information.

Using Peppol can save businesses time and money on e-invoice management, procurement, and other processes. It ensures a correct exchange of data and simplifies analytics and accounting processes. Additionally, it can enhance transparency and efficiency of procurement in public sector organizations.

What is an order management system (OMS)?

An order management system (OMS) is a software application that manages and tracks customer orders throughout the entire order fulfillment process, from receipt to delivery. The system typically includes various features such as order capture, inventory management, pricing and promotions management, shipping and tracking, and customer service and returns management.

It is designed to automate and streamline the order process from placement to fulfillment. The OMS can also help businesses optimize inventory levels, improve customer service, and streamline the returns process.

Additionally, an OMS can be integrated with other enterprise software systems, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and an electronic data interchange (EDI) system to share order data and inventory information, invoice customers and allow the organization to have a comprehensive view of the order processing cycle.

Qvalia provides complete functionality to manage orders within the Peppol network, including related document handling, from invoices to responses and updates.

How can I integrate e-orders into my processes?

An order management system can be integrated with other enterprise software systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, purchase management systems (PMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and invoicing systems to share order data, manage the transactional document process, inventory information, and allow the organization to have a comprehensive view of the order processing cycle.

Qvalia is a complete solution for the transactional side of order management, including creating, sending, receiving, and reviewing e-orders, order responses, and e-invoicing.

For more information, see our developer tools.

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