Qvalia team: Henri Taipale, Annika Thuresson, Mitra Pashang, Per Holmlund, Anders Wasén.

We’re fast-forwarding the digital transformation of finance

Qvalia is a technology company for businesses on a mission to improve their transactional data management and automate processes. 

With our platform, teams get a full suite of cloud-based tools to automatically structure and interconnect transactional information, gain deeper insights, and manage daily tasks — invoices, approval workflows, sales, and accounting.

Procurement professionals, controllers, and analysts can access categorized real-time information in essential areas, from spend analytics to supplier master data. Finance teams can redesign the accounting process with line item-level automation. All tools are easily integrated into your ERP to fast-forward your organization’s digital transformation.

We’ve developed the platform based on decades of experience helping some of the world’s largest companies analyze accounting data, identify deviations, and improve A/P and A/R processes.

The insights we’ve gained have guided us in redesigning how to manage transactions and financial data in the 21st century.

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