Feature - Integrations

Integrate Qvalia with your ERP

Qvalia is developed to enhance your finance processes without disrupting your IT infrastructure. The platform integrates easily with major ERPs and accounting software.

Works with your accounting system or ERP

The platform is a Peppol access point-as-a-service and integrates into your IT infrastructure with API or SFTP file transfer.

Use any invoice and electronic format

The platform can process any standard transaction and invoice format. Non-standard electronic formats can be customized to work seamlessly on the platform.


API integrations

Our APIs support batch and asynchronous WS integration. The platform supports both SOAP and RESTful over HTTPS.

SFTP integrations

Secure file transfers are easily configured for importing and exporting files through XML and CSV.

Improve your process using your current operator

Take advantage of our features using your current provider of invoice operator services (VAN). Start routing your transactions through our platform to access our automation solutions for accounts payable, accounts receivable, accounting, and more.

Use Qvalia as your invoice operator — start for free

We provide e-invoice operator services at no cost in the Peppol network with our Free plan. Send and receive e-invoices and PDFs without cost. In addition to the standardized Peppol BIS 3 electronic format, the Peppol network can exchange most e-formats including e-orders.

Find out how Qvalia can be integrated into your processes