9 use cases for Peppol beyond e-invoicing

Peppol use cases

Businesses can leverage Peppol’s potential to foster digital transformation beyond invoice management in financial and procurement processes. Explore 9 Peppol use cases.

The business network Peppol has been widely recognized for its role in standardizing and streamlining e-invoicing across Europe. However, the scope of Peppol extends far beyond just electronic invoices and encompasses most aspects of the transaction process.

In fact, businesses can leverage Peppol’s potential to foster deeper digital integration, improve efficiency, and drive collaboration in various domains.

Let’s explore some of the easiest pickings of using the Peppol network outside e-invoicing.

1. Streamlined order management

Peppol provides a standardized format for order management and purchase order communications. By integrating your procurement system with Peppol, you can:

  • Automate purchase order receipt and validation
  • Ensure standardized communication, reducing errors and streamlining the ordering process
  • Enhance visibility into order statuses

2. Efficient e-procurement

Suppliers and buyers can share their e-catalogs across the Peppol network. The benefits include:

  • Centralized product information management
  • Punchout and B2B e-commerce, ensuring buyers always have the latest product details and prices and dynamic e-procurement
  • Simplified price comparison and product selection

3. Qualitative analytics and categorization

Using structured transactional data enabled by the standardized Peppol formats, buyers can monitor, analyze, and report:

  • Classify purchases on a line-item level, according to taxonomies such as UNSPSC
  • Real-time spend analysis based on first-hand transaction data

4. Advanced shipping notices and dispatches

ASNs notify the purchaser when a shipment is en route, and despatches advise the recipient about the detailed contents. Peppol use cases for shipping messages and more provide several benefits:

  • Real-time updates on shipment status
  • Integration with warehouse management systems, optimizing stock handling and storage
  • Buyers can better prepare for goods receipt
  • Automatic matching of received goods against orders becomes possible, enhancing accuracy

5. Credit notes and returns

Peppol supports the exchange of credit notes, facilitating:

  • Faster processing of refunds or compensations
  • Enhanced accuracy in credit note issuance and receipt

6. Communicate with message level responses (MLRs)

MLRs confirm receiving messages (like orders or invoices) exchanged via Peppol. Using MLRs ensures:

  • Proof of delivery for sent messages
  • Real-time feedback allows businesses to take timely action in case of errors

7. Exchange contract information

Peppol’s infrastructure doesn’t yet include actual contracts, but the information utilized can be extended to support agreements:

  • Accessible and standardized combined messages, see BIS order agreement
  • Secure exchange of sensitive transactional documents

8. Accessing GHG data and complying with scope 3

To date, there isn’t a standard way to include GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and Scope 3 data directly into the Peppol. At Qvalia, we’re actively working on making ESG and GHG data available in coming updates of the Peppol framework, but in the meantime, users can:

  • Include GHG data in custom fields available in, e.g., BIS Billing 3
  • Attach complementary information in PDFs available in, e.g., BIS Billing 3

You must initiate a dialog with your partners to ensure that all required information is included in your message exchange.

9. Global reach

Though originating in Europe, Peppol is expanding its reach globally. Businesses can:

Peppol’s infrastructure and standardized message format extend beyond e-invoicing, offering businesses dynamic capabilities to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration.

By understanding and leveraging these possibilities, it’s possible to optimize financial and transactional operations and strengthen your position in an increasingly digital and connected business landscape.