What is xCBL?

xCBL (XML Common Business Library) is a set of XML-based standards developed for electronic business document exchange. It enables the seamless sharing of business information between trading partners in a structured and standardized format. xCBL supports various business processes and industries, facilitating interoperability and automation.

Key components

XML Schema: Provides a common structure for business documents, ensuring consistency and compatibility across different systems.
Document types: Includes a wide range of business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and product catalogs.
Modularity: Allows customization and extension of document schemas to meet specific business needs without sacrificing standardization.
Interoperability: Ensures that different systems and organizations can communicate and exchange data using a unified format.

Message types

xCBL (XML Common Business Library) supports a variety of business messages designed to facilitate electronic data interchange across different industries and business processes. Here are some of the key types of messages supported by xCBL:

Purchase Order: Used to place orders for goods and services.
Purchase Order Acknowledgment: Confirms receipt and acceptance of a purchase order.
Invoice: Used to bill for goods or services provided.
Advance Ship Notice (ASN): Provides detailed information about a pending delivery.
Order Status: Updates the status of an existing order.
Product Catalog: Contains detailed information about products, including descriptions and pricing.
Request for quote (RFQ): Requests pricing and terms for products or services.
Quote: Provides pricing and terms in response to an RFQ.
Order Change Request: Requests changes to an existing purchase order.
Order Cancellation: Cancels an existing purchase order.
Remittance Advice: Provides details about payments made.
Inventory Report: Communicates current inventory levels and status.
Product Activity Data: Provides information on product movement and usage.
Supplier Schedule: Details delivery schedules and requirements for suppliers.
Transportation Request: Requests transportation services for shipments.
Bill of Lading: Provides details about the goods being shipped and the terms of transport.

How Qvalia supports xCBL

Qvalia offers solutions for managing and converting business documents to and from the xCBL format. Our platform integrates with your existing systems to facilitate efficient and accurate electronic data interchange (EDI). We handle various transactions, including purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices, ensuring reliable and compliant data exchanges.

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