What is cXML?

cXML (Commerce eXtensible Markup Language) is a standardized protocol for the electronic communication of business messages between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs, and suppliers. Developed by Ariba (now part of SAP), cXML integrates online catalogs, purchase orders, invoices, and other procurement-related documents and messages.

Key components

XML schema: Defines the structure and syntax for various business documents, ensuring consistency and interoperability.
Document types: Includes essential procurement documents such as purchase orders, order confirmations, invoices, shipping notices, and punchout catalogs.
Communication protocol: Uses HTTP/HTTPS for the secure and efficient exchange of cXML documents between trading partners.
Catalog management: Facilitates the integration and management of supplier catalogs directly within buyer procurement systems, supporting real-time updates and dynamic pricing.

Message types

cXML supports a variety of messages designed to facilitate efficient and accurate electronic communication between procurement systems, suppliers, and other trading partners. Here are some of the key types of messages supported by cXML:

PunchOut Setup Request/Response: This function facilitates connecting to a supplier’s web-based catalog directly from the buyer’s procurement system.
Purchase Order: Used to place an order for goods or services.
Order Confirmation: Confirms the receipt and acceptance of a purchase order.
Ship Notice: Provides detailed information about the contents and shipping details of a shipment.
Invoice: Used to bill for goods or services provided.
Payment Remittance: Communicates details about payments made to the supplier.
Catalog Upload: Suppliers can upload and update their product catalogs in the buyer’s procurement system.
Request for Quote (RFQ): Requests pricing and terms for products or services.
Quote: Provides pricing and terms in response to an RFQ.
Order Status Update: Updates the status of an existing order.
Order Change Request: Requests changes to an existing purchase order.
Order Cancellation: Cancels an existing purchase order.

How Qvalia supports cXML

Qvalia offers solutions for managing and converting business documents to and from the cXML format. Our platform integrates with your existing systems to facilitate efficient and accurate electronic data interchange (EDI). We handle various transactions, including purchase orders, punchout processes, invoices, and shipping notices, ensuring reliable and compliant data exchanges.

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