About using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for exchanging e-invoices and other business messages.

What is EN 16931?

EN 16931 is the European standard for electronic invoicing and the basis for the Peppol BIS specifications.

What is EDIFACT?

EDIFACT, or UN/EDIFACT, stands is an international standard developed by the United Nations for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

What is Elektronisk Handelsformat (EHF)?

Elektronisk Handelsformat (EHF) is the name of the Peppol standard and network used in Norway for electronic business transactions.

What is ANSI X12?

ANSI X12, also known as ASC X12, is a set of standards developed by the American National Standards Institute for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

What is xCBL?

xCBL (XML Common Business Library) is a set of XML-based standards developed for electronic business document exchange

What is cXML?

cXML (Commerce eXtensible Markup Language) is a standardized protocol for the electronic communication of business messages.

What is flat file?

A flat file in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a plain text file used to exchange data between different systems in a structured format.

What is RosettaNet?

RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium that develops and promotes standardized electronic business interfaces for supply chain operations.

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