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What is Peppol BIS Advanced Ordering?

BIS Advanced Ordering is a profile for sending electronic order messages in Peppol. It enables a complete process, allowing dynamic and seamless communication capabilities in Peppol compared to BIS Order Only and BIS Ordering. The profile enables two-way communication and real-time updating, allowing both customer and supplier to change or cancel the order.

E-order messages using the BIS Advanced Ordering profile contain structured information on products and services, accounting information, values and amounts, invoice information, inventory information based on catalogs, etc. The message can also support limited transport-related information. Tax information can include VAT, GST, and sales tax, the tax number for reverse charges, and an estimate of the expected order value.

Using BIS Advanced Ordering

In processes supporting Peppol BIS Advanced Ordering, the buyer places an order, to which the seller responds. The customer can then take further action within the same process without additional manual steps or communication, for example, phone calls or emails.

  • Supplier responses can include acceptance, rejection, or order changes
  • If the supplier accepts the order with changes, the customer can accept the proposed changes and confirm them by sending changes in the original order process, reject the changes proposed by the supplier, or cancel the order
  • In Advanced Ordering, the customer and the supplier can also communicate about changes to an already accepted or canceled order. Neither party needs to accept the proposal to change or cancel the existing order made by the other party
  • Advanced Ordering can be used in an extensive range of businesses, supply chain-models, and various products or services.

The message uses OASIS UBL 2.1 and ISO/IEC 19757-3 Schematron to automate document validation.

More information on Peppol BIS Advanced Ordering documentation.

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Qvalia e-order management solutions provide full support for BIS Advanced Ordering processes.

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