Assure quality in transaction processing

In a perfect world, transactions work like a clock. Tick tock. But for most organisations, that is not the case. Despite being armed with a well-oiled machinery, best practices and technology at our fingertips, the pitfalls in accounts payable are numerous.

Research has shown that up to 1% of the total purchase volume is lost in the transaction. The reason is an ever-increasing pace and complexity. The result is billions in lost capital.

We believe that it’s expertise and dedication that has made Qvalia the Nordic leader in transaction management and recovery audit.

Every year, we analyse some EUR 200 billion worth of transactions, identify errors and recover capital for the largest companies and organisations in the region. Missed VAT deductions, overpayments, double payments. We find it. With no economic risk for our customers.

And perhaps even more valuable, we provide insights and tools to prevent the mistakes from happening.

Contact us and we will explain how.