Recovery Audit – improve your financial results without economic risk

By looking back, we improve your organisation’s results going forward. Qvalia Consulting is the Nordic leader in recovery audit services. We identify and correct purchase-to-pay transactions, up to six years retroactively. Our customers improve their financial results, recover capital, and get unique insights to improve their transaction processes. Without economic risk.

No more lost in transaction

In a perfect world, transactions work like a clock. Tick tock. But for most organisations, that is not the case. Despite being armed with a well-oiled AP machinery, best practices and technology at our fingertips, the pitfalls in accounts payable are numerous. Recovery audit gets you on track.

Digital readiness analysis

Our services

Recover capital

A risk-free service to improve your bottom-line. Our experts recover capital by analysing, identifying, and correcting erroneous invoices and wrongly managed transactions.

Transaction insights report

The hidden keys to unrealised efficiencies. Recovery audit projects are presented in a report with capital findings and key learnings to prevent future capital leakage.

Digital readiness analysis

Assess your automation potential. Our experts perform an additional complete analysis of business and transactional data to determine your automation potential.

How it works

Export data

Your transactional data is exported to Qvalia. Up to six years retroactively.


Our experts conduct data-mining and analysis.

Regain lost capital

We correct errors and regain your lost capital.

Get insights

You get insights into preventing future errors.


This is Recovery Audit

Our experts get to the bottom in finding and stopping capital leakage by analysing all crucial touchpoints in your purchase-to-pay processes. From supplier and sales ledgers, taxes, and VAT, to agreements and salaries. The result? We find double payments, overpayments, VAT complexity, wrong pricing, missed discounts, statement of accounts, and missed VAT deductions.

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