Invoice scanning – digitise your transactions and take control of your data

The future of transactions is digital. So why depend on paper or PDF formats? That’s why we’ve created an invoice scanning solution – aiming at eliminating scanning.

The problem is not OCR, it’s the format

Paper and PDF invoices are endless sources of headache for organisations of all sizes. Even the most capable scanning hardware, with top resolution and sophisticated optical character recognition technology (OCR), fails regularly during the invoice scanning process, while interpreting invoice data. The consequence is lots of manual work and wasted time. And a troubling cause of incorrect book-keeping. Qvalia offers a solution.


Our Scanning Solutions

Scan – and get rid of scanning

The answer to your scanning problems is not more technology. It’s getting rid of outdated formats. Qvalia makes invoice scanning and management for your organisation truly digital. We’ll digitise your transactions, no matter the format your suppliers use. And create a strong incentive for your suppliers to adopt e-invoices, for free.

Erroneous invoices? Not your problem

Every time the invoice scanning process fails, it becomes your problem. But it shouldn’t end up on your desk. With Qvalia, invoices that fail the OCR process are bounced back to your supplier immediately. Qvalia becomes a firewall to protect your organisation against wasting more time on erroneous invoices.

Everything gets digitised

In a digital world, what is your most important resource? We believe that it is your data. Qvalia digitises every transaction, allowing invoice information to become business-critical data. Qvalia’s transaction automation platform enables you to bring your organisation to the next level of automation and spend analytics with our complete suite of solutions.

Get going with scanning invoices

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Get up and running in minutes. Qvalia is implemented effortlessly. Minimal ERP integration.


Start routing purchase invoices through Qvalia. You decide the volume.

Bounce the errors back

Erroneous invoices are bounced back automatically to your supplier.


Your suppliers are invited and incentivised to start sending e-invoicing with Qvalia for free. They’ll be up and running within minutes.

Get control

Paper and PDF invoice volumes are reduced.


Transaction-based fee. No hidden costs. Add or remove functionality as you go.

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  • Increased organisational productivity as your organisation can spend time on things that matter.
  • Reduced costs with Qvalia’s competitive and transparent pricing model.
  • Access to next generation automation and spend analytics capabilities.

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