Feature - Supplier Manager

Automated vendor management integrated with your A/P

Supplier Manager gives you full control of your master data. Vendor management is simplified by eliminating manual entries and enabling a time-saving approval process. Your supplier information is updated and monitored 24/7.

  • Procurement control with supplier approvals
  • Stay informed with automated credit ratings
  • No duplicates or outdated payment details
  • No manual entries
vendor management

Automated vendor management with company information updates

Supplier Manager keeps your supplier information and master data unified and updated. Eliminate time-consuming manual entries so you can save time and reduce risks. Vendor management is simplified with automated updates from global company information databases. Essential information such as company status, credit rating, and address is always accessible.

Procurement control with supplier approvals

Increase your control and improve the efficiency of your procurement process. Supplier Manager provides a structured vendor management process and essential insights to approve new suppliers to your organization.

Fraud prevention

Identify and block fraudulent and blacklisted companies rapidly. Automated credit checks help you reduce your risks and invoices from blocked companies will never be processed.

Supplier monitoring — stay alerted at all times

Get instant alerts if your supplier’s business-critical status changes. Supplier Manager monitors for information on credit rating changes, insolvencies, or bankruptcies. Critical events will stop invoice processing immediately so you can decide your next step.

Vendor management integrated with your accounts payable

Supplier Manager is integrated with your accounts payable process using Qvalia’s platform and works seamlessly in any IT environment. Connect with your systems using APIs or SFTP transfer. Import your master data or start from scratch with Qvalia.

Learn how Supplier Manager can improve vendor management and accounts payable processes

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