Feature - Invoice scanning

Automated invoice scanning — transform PDFs to electronic invoices

Process your supplier invoices in 100% electronic format. Unify your transaction streams by transforming your finance processes with invoice scanning.

  • Automated transformation of PDFs into e-invoices
  • All fields are scanned and interpreted
  • Header information and summarized line items
  • Artificial intelligence technology
invoice scanner

Streamline your process with invoice scanning

Simplify and digitize your invoice handling process. PDF Converter is an invoice scanning solution to transform all PDF supplier invoices into any e-invoice format.

Powerful OCR

All data on your supplier invoices is OCR scanned, converted, and matched to the corresponding e-format field, including summarized line items.

invoice scanning
Invoice scanning

Invoice scanning with artificial intelligence  

Don’t lose critical transactional data. Our quality assurance process includes artificial intelligence and manual controls.

API integration

PDF Converter comes with API and SFTP compatibility, making it easy to integrate it into your finance processes.

Peppol BIS Billing 3 — or any e-invoice format

Peppol is our default format but your supplier invoices in PDF format can be converted into most e-invoice formats using PDF Converter as your invoice scanning solution.

Supported global e-formats: Peppol BIS Billing 3, EDIFACT and UBL.

Examples of national e-formats: CFDI, DTE, E-Invoice Estonia, E-faktura Poland, EHF Elektronisk handelsformat, Facturación Electrônica, FacturaE, FatturaPA, Finvoice, ISDOC, Nota Fiscal Electrônica, OIOUBL, Svefaktura, UBL-OHNL and ZUGFeRD 2.0

Upgrade at any time

Upgrade for advanced accounts payable automation features, including invoice validation, deviation management, master data monitoring with automated updates, real-time spend analytics, accounting automation, and more.

Supplier master data software

Reach 100% supplier e-invoices with PDF Converter