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What is Peppol BIS Message Level Response?

BIS Message Level Response enables flexible communication between supplier and customer throughout a B2B transaction.

The message allows customers to send status updates or inform about potential deviations or errors. For example, if an initial message, such as an order, has been received but not validated, has been validated and accepted for further processing, or won’t be processed due to fatal errors.

The primary response types are:

  • Transport acknowledgments: information and updates relating to a process, such as successful deliveries. Acknowledgment messages are not initiated by validation or content processing.
  • Message level responses: reports on message issues or transactional content such as missing order information or sums not adding up. These messages act according to message content.
  • Business level responses: reporting back due to business-related issues after a formal content validation and acceptance of the initial message. For example, if an order was formally correct but the requested items were out of stock.

The message uses OASIS UBL 2.1 and ISO/IEC 19757-3 Schematron to automate document validation

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