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What is Peppol BIS Ordering?

Peppol BIS Ordering is a profile for sending electronic order messages in Peppol. Compared to BIS Order Only, it allows communication between buyer and seller. The profile enables customers to issue e-orders, and suppliers can reply with acceptance, order change, or rejection.

If the customer doesn’t accept changes made by the supplier in the original order, the customer must respond and send a new order manually.

The order message can include structured information on products and services, accounting information, values and amounts, invoice information, inventory information based on catalogs, etc. The message can also support limited transport-related information. Tax information can include VAT, GST, sales tax, tax numbers for reverse charges, and an estimate of the expected order value.

Using Peppol BIS Ordering

In this process, the customer orders, and the supplier sends an order response. The supplier can accept the order, reject it, or make changes due to, e.g., current stock.

  • If the supplier rejects the order or makes changes, the supplier can give the reasons for the rejection so that a new order can be sent based on this information.
  • The supplier can also accept changes to the order if specified in the agreement between the seller and the buyer. The seller should make the changes agreed in advance. These changes may include changes in the quantity of products ordered, delivery times, replacement products, or price changes.
  • BIS Ordering can be used for ordering a wide range of products and services in different sectors. It is important to note that in this process, the customer and the supplier have fewer capabilities available than in BIS Advanced Ordering. For example, in Ordering, the buyer cannot cancel the order even if the seller accepts changes. In Advanced Ordering, the buyer can also cancel the order.

The message uses OASIS UBL 2.1 and ISO/IEC 19757-3 Schematron to automate document validation.

More information on Peppol BIS Ordering documentation.

More information on Peppol message types.

Qvalia’s e-order management solution supports Peppol BIS Ordering messaging.

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