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What is Peppol BIS Billing?

BIS Billing is the e-invoice format in Peppol and the most common message in the network. The message supports negative invoicing and credit notes, for example, preliminary consumption invoices for later balance and when pre-payments are settled in a final invoice.

E-invoices in Peppol must include buyer reference or purchase order reference. Invoice lines can include names of products or services, quantity, net amount, buyer accounting reference, time period, order reference, allowances or charges, and price details. BIS Billing is a Core Invoice Usage Specification (CIUS) of the EN 16931 standard.

The message uses OASIS UBL 2.1 and ISO/IEC 19757-3 Schematron to automate document validation.

More information on legal requirements for invoices.

More information on Peppol BIS Billing 3 documentation.

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