Getting started with Qvalia e-invoicing

Follow these steps to start using Qvalia
1. Sign up on https://qvalia.com
2. Request an invite and enter your company details in the form

You will receive an email that contains a link for activation of your account. Follow the link and complete the registration form to get access to Qvalia platform. See instructions below or videos to easier get started.

Do you want to send e-invoices (PEPPOL)?
1. Click Products
2. Enter the products or services that you provide
3. Click Customers
4. Click Create new customer
5. Enter company name or registrations number in company search
6. Click Get company info
7. Choose your customer and enter customer details
8. Click Save
9. Click on the same customer
10. Click Manage PEPPOL Address
11. Add your customers PEPPOL address if possible

Do you want to receive e-invoices (PEPPOL)?
1. Click Settings
2. Click Apps
3. Click E-invoice and make it active
4. Click Add and enter your PEPPOL ID/Address
5. Click Save

We recommend and the most common is to use your company registration number