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Getting started with Qvalia e-invoicing

Follow these steps to start using Qvalia
1. Create your account here for free e-invoicing
2. Request an invite by entering your company details

You will receive an email that contains a link for the activation of your account. Follow the link and complete the registration form to get access to Qvalia’s platform. See the instructions below or videos to get started.

Send your first Peppol e-invoice
1. Click Invoices under Sales in the left-hand menu
2. Choose to Create new invoice
3. Click New customer
4. Enter company name or registration number in the search field. You can also choose to create the customer manually (only for companies outside the Nordic countries). Add additional information if needed.
5. Choose Create customer
6. Add format, address, and click Add to invoice. You can search for Peppol IDs here.
7. Add invoice information and click Add to invoice
8. Add invoice items and click Add. You add multiple items and fields
9. Add an optional attachment. Click Save and review
10. Review your invoice and click Send
11. Done!

Do you want to manage incoming purchase invoices?
You need a Premium plan to manage incoming invoices. Contact support to get started.

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