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Quick guide: Accounts payable and workflow basics

Qvalia is designed for automated processing, data control, and user-friendliness. This 5-minute video shows how to use basic accounts payable and workflow features on the platform. Available in premium plans only.

Manage invoices

Qvalia manages e-invoices and converts PDFs into a structured electronic format for unified processing. Watch how to:

  • Assign an invoice to user
  • Approve a invoice assigned to you
  • Tag with dimensions, full invoice or selected line items

Manage suppliers

Supplier Manager is a supplier register with automatic data entries, updates from global databases, central approval process, and monitoring for critical business events including credit rating. Watch how to:

  • Review a pending supplier
  • Activate a new supplier

Manage invoice errors

Erroneous invoices are validated automatically by our built-in Invoice Shield. Watch how to review erroneous invoices and resolve disputes:

  • Return an erroneous invoice to the supplier for completion”
  • Cancel an erroneous invoice from further processing
  • Fix an erroneous invoice for further processing

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