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How do I send a Peppol e-invoice to my customer?

Customer invoices can be created from Invoices under Sales in the menu or directly from the view of your registered customers.

1. Click Invoices under Sales in the left-hand menu
2. Click Create invoice
3. Choose Registered customer to invoice an existing customer or New customer to add an organization. Search and click on your registered customer in the search field. For new customer, search by company name or by registration number. You can also create a customer manually (only for companies outside the Nordic countries)
4. Choose invoice format E-invoice and add optional information
5. Click Add to invoice
6. Under Invoice information, review default invoice fields. If you want to add information (f.e contract reference or order number) click on Add additional fields
7. Click Add to invoice
8. Add invoice items and click Add. You can add multiple items and fields
9. Add an optional attachment. Click Save and review
10. Review your invoice and click Send


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