Efficient finance processes and EUR 100,000 per year in savings for Luleå Municipality

Luleå is the regional capital of Northern Sweden. The municipality has 78,000 citizens and is the local authority and public administrative entity responsible for urban planning, education, childcare, social services, and more. Over 200,000 purchase transactions are managed each year.

We are delighted with using Qvalia. Our processes are more streamlined, there is a significant reduction in finance process errors, and we have a more solid control of our financial data”

Susanne Rimpisalo, Accounting Manager, Municipailty of Luleå


The municipality recognized the need to identify risks in their finance process, eliminate potential systemic errors, and improve accounts payable and transaction management.

Manual work tasks and invoice scanning were specifically identified as problem areas. The accounting data required a detailed analysis, due to, for example, complexities in healthcare compensation claims.


Qvalia provides a platform for continuous improvements of Lu lea’s accounts payable and transaction management.

With process and analytics technology, and a dedicated team of experts, Qvalia validates transactions in all formats to secure the correctness of Lu lea’s finance routines and accounting data.

Qvalia also provides a service to structure and update Lulea’s supplier ledger, to reduce supplier-related risks.


Luleå has improved and assured the quality of finance processes since implementing Qvalia.

  • Reduction of manual workload
  • Transactiona-related errors are eliminated
  • EUR 100,000 in estimated direct annual savings