What is the price of using Qvalia?

Free feature:

Invoice Inbox

Send and receive e-invoices in the PEPPOL network
Send and receive e-invoices, PDF invoices
Manage product, supplier and customer registries

Paid features:

Billed monthly based on usage.


Converts PDF invoices to e-invoices.
Cost per converted invoice.

Invoice Shield

Automatic invoice validation and variance handling.
Cost per supplier invoice.

Active Supplier Registry

Supplier approval, automatic updating and monitoring of the supplier register.
One-time cost for entering new suppliers, monthly cost per active supplier.

Accounting Engine

Automatic analysis, structuring and pre-accounting of the line information on supplier invoices. Includes Spend Analytics.
Cost per categorized invoice line-item.

Spend analytics

Real-time spend analysis tools, at the product and service level.
Included in the Accounting Engine. 

Integration and conversion

Integration with e.g. ERP or accounting software and conversion of e-formats to/from PEPPOL BIS 3.0.
SFTP: EUR 100 per month.
Conversion: EUR 2,600 per format.