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What is Peppol BIS Catalogue With Response?

BIS Catalogue With Response is a product and service catalog message to support exchanging information related to products and services, including prices, between suppliers and customers. The message is similar to [BIS Catalogue Without Response], but customers can also send a response message.

The message enables various information and activities, including;

  • Description of products and services
  • Related framework contracts
  • Item comparisons
  • Item dependency and compositions
  • Packaging and storage requirements
  • Tax classifications
  • Item instance descriptions
  • Maintenance of catalogs

Peppol does not mandate procurement-related data, but BIS Catalogue With Response supports extended automation in procurement and transaction processes between business partners. The message also allows requirements and elements needed to meet those requirements.

The message uses OASIS UBL 2.1 and ISO/IEC 19757-3 Schematron to automate document validation

More information on Peppol BIS Catalogue With Response documentation.

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