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Peppol order management for Fennoa

The complete Peppol order management solution for Fennoa users. Manage all Peppol e-orders and e-invoices. Record transactions automatically in your bookkeeping. No coding is needed to get started.

Peppol order management for Fennoa
Peppol orders Fennoa

Simplified order-to-invoice process integrated with Fennoa

The ready-made integration app enables you to receive and manage sales orders and turn orders into invoices with a click. Customer invoices are recorded instantly in your Fennoa bookkeeping.

  • Manage Peppol orders
  • Manage Peppol catalogues
  • Swift order-to-invoice process
  • Accounting automation
  • Get started in minutes

Peppol compliance

Full Peppol network support. Access all formats and message types.

Powerful features

Streamline transaction management. Upgrade and customize to your needs.

Complete support

Get started in minutes, no coding is required. If needed, our support team is ready to help.

How it works

  1. Sign up for Order Management Large or Enterprise.
  2. Go to Settings and Integrations. Click on Fennoa and follow the guide to link your account.
  3. Manage Peppol orders and invoices in Qvalia.
  4. Use the same product IDs in Qvalia as in Fennoa.
  5. Customer invoices are logged in Fennoa.

Peppol network access

Streamline your process with the business messages you need. All Peppol message types, formats, and profiles are supported and compliant with the latest standards.

  • BIS Billing
  • BIS Billing Credit Note
  • BIS Invoice Response
  • BIS Order Only
  • BIS Ordering
  • BIS Advanced Ordering
  • BIS Catalogue with response
  • BIS Catalogue without response
  • BIS Despatch Advice
  • BIS Punch Out
  • BIS Order Agreement
  • BIS Message Level Response

Discover how Peppol can improve your process

Book a meeting with us today to discover how e-invoicing, e-order management, and more via the Peppol network can improve your daily processes — from sales to bookkeeping.

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About Fennoa

Fennoa is a cloud-based financial management software primarily used in Finland.