E-invoicing for Fortnox

Qvalia is the simplest, smartest, and most developer-friendly access point to the Peppol network.

Manage all business messages, automate processes, and analyze your transactions in real-time. Use our standard integration with Fortnox and get started in just a few minutes.

Peppol e-invoicing — integrated with Fortnox

Integrate Qvalia with your Fortnox account to view and manage e-invoices in Fortnox.

  • Create and send e-invoices
  • E-invoices are recorded in Fortnox as customer invoices
  • Peppol BIS Billing 3 format
  • PDF format
  • Customer registry
  • Product record
  • Automatic accounting
  • Upgrade for more features

Customize to your needs

All business messages

Access to all business messages in Peppol. Enhance your process, from e-invoices and e-orders to catalogs, punchout, and more.

Powerful features

Automate transaction management, approve invoices, visualize purchases, integrate via developer-friendly APIs.

Complete support

Get started right away with the Fortnox integration. No code is needed. If you need assistance, our customer success team is at your service.

How it works

  1. Get a paid account with Qvalia. Contact us, and we will set up your account for you.
  2. Follow the guide to activate the integration and link your Fortnox account.
  3. Create and send e-invoices in the Peppol network using Qvalia.
  4. Use the same product IDs in Qvalia as in Fortnox.
  5. Invoices will be immediately available and recorded in Fortnox.
  6. You can send PDF invoices to customers who do not support Peppol.

Contact us to get started

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