Towards a global e-invoice standard: Svefaktura to be discontinued

An important step towards a global standard for electronic invoicing has been taken. The Swedish format Svefaktura will cease to be recommended as a national standard and support will be discontinued.

As of April 1, 2021, the support for the electronic invoice format Svefaktura will be discontinued, and companies using the format are recommended to move to the European Peppol network.

It is now high time for Swedish companies to plan the shift, review processes, and support systems.

The digitization authority DIGG and the industry group SFTI recommend that Swedish organizations and companies switch to the international standard Peppol, a future-proofed network with new capabilities and a growing international reach.

Invoices in the Svefaktura format can still be distributed through VAN, but the governing organizations will no longer maintain further development or support. Companies still using Svefaktura are exposed to increasing risks of losing data and decreasing operability.

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