Next generation e-invoicing: from basics to proficiency

Electronic invoicing has become a must-have for businesses. In our new guide to e-invoicing, we’ll present what stakeholders like finance teams, digital officers, and entrepreneurs and need to know—from legal requirements and formats to networks and future development.

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E-invoicing is a technology in progress, moving from first-generation custom EDI setups via operator networks to next-generation open global networks like Peppol.

Next generation e-invoicing: from basics to proficiency provides guidance into the field of e-invoicing, for beginners as well as seasoned pros that would like to take the next step. Learn the basics to get started or how you can develop your existing solution.

  • Invoice requirements and the basics
  • From EDI to modern e-invoicing
  • Traditional networks
  • Next-gen open networks
  • Benefits with Peppol infrastructure
  • How it works
  • Getting started with Peppol
  • Using e-invoicing to automate processes