What are Qvalia’s features?

Invoice Inbox

Free e-invoice management, basic registry features and API for companies of all sizes.

  • Send and receive
  • Product, supplier, customer registries
  • FREE



Automated conversion of PDF invoices to e-invoices with PDF2PEPPOL.

  • Converts PDF-invoice to e-invoice
  • Line-item OCR
  • Automated process
  • AI technology


Invoice Shield

Invoice Shield automates supplier invoice validation, fraud detection and deviation management. Erroneous invoices are bounced back automatically to the supplier for completion or request for credit invoice.

  • Automated validation
  • Automated deviation management
  • Preset or customised rules
  • Fraud detection


Active Supplier Registry

Our Active Supplier Registry makes sure that you at all times have correct and updated supplier registry through an easy approval process and automated vendor data management, updates, and monitoring.

  • Supplier approval process
  • Automated supplier information updates
  • Supplier monitoring
  • Alerts


Accounting Engine

Qvalia analyses and structures the information on your supplier invoices and automates pre-codification on a line-item level.

  • Automated pre-coding
  • Line-item level categorisation
  • Global standard
  • Integrations
  • AI technology


Spend analytics

Our spend analytics tool makes it possible to keep track and analyse purchases in realtime, from main categories to every single purchased product or service.

  • Line-item level analysis
  • Invoice dimensions
  • Real time data
  • Graph and table views



1-click invoice approval workflow on mobile app or web, with multi-level hierarchies and push notifications.

  • 1-click invoice approval
  • Add invoice dimensions
  • Multi-level hierarchies
  • Dispute management
  • Android and IOS app


B2B payments

Automated sales process with invoice or card for B2B and B2C. Manages order, invoice, reminder, payment reconciliation, debt collection and reporting. Includes checkout widget to be implemented on e-commerce platforms.

  • Automated order-to-cash
  • Order, confirmation, reminder, report
  • E-invoice, PDF invoice or card payments
  • Manages B2B and B2C customers



Integrate to your ERP or accounting software with API or SFTP.