Requirements for order management in Peppol? Webinar coming up

The practice of order management is changing rapidly. More public sector customers now require that their suppliers receive e-orders via Peppol.

The growing Peppol network is changing the logic, speed, and security of business transactions – and in e-commerce. What opportunities are created, are there challenges, and how do you get started?

Register for a 20-minute webinar on Thursday 13 October 2022, at 15:00 with Qvalia’s founder and CEO Henri Taipale and learn everything you need to know about Peppol order management.

Sorry all non-Swedish speakers, the webinar will be in Swedish but feel free to contact us if you want a personal session in either English or Finnish.


  • Peppol – more than e-invoices
  • Upcoming policies and requirements
  • The basics of e-ordering
  • Order types
  • Security and simplicity
  • How to integrate e-orders