Introducing the Peppol-ready order management system

We are excited to announce the release of the all-in-one order management system on the Qvalia platform. This new solution enables businesses of all sizes to access electronic order management within the Peppol network and get started in just minutes.

Simplified and efficient order management

Our Peppol-ready e-order management system offers ERP-grade capabilities while remaining user-friendly and highly cost-efficient. With no complex setup or extensive testing, businesses can swiftly get started using the web interface or integrate with their existing systems using our connectors and APIs.

The solution ensures full control over each sales transaction and facilitates direct communication with customers through response messages, perfectly aligning with the growing demand for digitized transactions and business messaging.

Key features:

  • Receive sales e-orders: Automatically receive electronic orders from customers within the Peppol network.
  • Manage orders: Keep track of order statuses and manage order details efficiently.
  • Send order responses: Communicate directly with customers by sending order responses.
  • Create and send e-catalogs: Manage your product listings and pricing and submit to your customers.
  • E-invoicing process: Seamlessly transition from order to invoicing, enhancing workflow continuity.
  • Comply with customer requirements: Ensure full compliance with your customers’ specific transaction standards and national regulations.
  • Standardized Peppol BIS formats: Utilize standardized formats for consistent and compliant data exchange.
  • Peppol ID registration: Easily register for a Peppol ID to participate in the network and enhance your business connectivity.

Why adopt e-order management?

The transition to electronic orders (e-orders) is essential for businesses to modernize their sales processes. E-orders allow for real-time, error-free, and secure transactional data transmission, which is increasingly vital in today’s fast-paced market environment. Customer demand for more efficient and compliant business interactions accelerates the adoption of e-orders and other business messages.

E-ordering streamlines operations, minimizes error risks, ensures compliance with regulatory standards, and reduces transaction times. This solution is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) aiming to stay competitive, improve customer satisfaction, and integrate more fully into the digital economy.

Get started today

Supercharge your sales processes and embrace the efficiency of digital transactions with Qvalia’s new Peppol-ready order management system. Explore the benefits and see how easy and impactful adopting Peppol standards can be.