Partner APIs enhance Peppol integration and business messaging for software companies

We are pleased to announce the launch of Qvalia’s new Partner APIs, designed to give our partners — from ERPs to invoicing platforms and consultants — enhanced and simplified capabilities for integrating Peppol network and business messaging features into their solutions.

The APIs facilitate seamless integration and are offered with complete API documentation, enabling our partners to effectively extend sophisticated business messaging to their end-users.

A key feature of the Partner APIs is advanced account management. It includes onboarding, offboarding, and registering end-users to the Peppol network by assigning dedicated Peppol IDs. This feature simplifies the complexities of business messaging, allowing end-users at scale to engage in secure, compliant, and efficient electronic transactions across the Peppol network.

Our Partner APIs are developed to support our partners in expanding their service offerings and value for customers and end-users. By integrating, partners can leverage our business transaction platform to deliver a more comprehensive and competitive service portfolio.

Business messages via Partner API

  • BIS Billing
  • BIS Billing credit note
  • BIS Invoice Response
  • BIS Order only
  • BIS Ordering
  • BIS Advanced Ordering
  • BIS Catalogue with response
  • BIS Catalogue without response
  • BIS Despatch Advice
  • BIS Punch Out
  • BIS Order Agreement
  • BIS Message Level Response
  • All UBL-based formats
  • B2C internet bank
  • PDF
  • Print

Interested in learning more? Read more about integration capabilities here or contact our sales team for more information about our Partner APIs and how they can benefit your platform.