What is Peppol ID?

The Peppol ID is the unique address that enables companies, organizations, and authorities to receive business messages, such as e-invoices and e-orders, via the Peppol network. Companies or organizations sending business messages do not need a registered Peppol ID.

How Peppol ID works

To receive e-invoices, e-orders, and other business messages in Peppol, an identification number is required: Peppol Participant Identifier, also known as Peppol ID. This number is typically provided by the Peppol service provider, which usually acts as the access point to the network. To some extent, one can choose the number to register, and one organization can have several Peppol IDs.

A Peppol ID consists of a numerical code with two parts according to the standard 1234:123456790. The first four digits indicate which type of business identification number has been registered, followed by the unique code for the specific organization.

OpenPeppol determines the four-digit codes and the business identification numbers accepted. Different countries in the network have different business identification numbers valid for as Peppol identifiers. GLN, DUNS, IBAN, or EINs are internationally accepted and can be registered regardless of the country or service provider. All valid types are listed here.

The Peppol network includes a catalog with technical information on how to send messages between different access points. Therefore, there is no need for service providers (invoice operators or VAN services) connected to Peppol to contact each other in advance to facilitate the exchange of business messages.

Larger organizations with several areas of activity, branches, or child companies often use GLN numbers, for example, when several entities share the national business registration number.

Peppol-ID for Sole Proprietors

For GDPR reasons, sole proprietors cannot be registered with a company registration number corresponding to the personal identification number. We recommend sole proprietors who, for example, need to receive e-orders from customers obtain a GLN or DUNS number as the basis for their Peppol ID. GLN numbers can be registered with the international organization GS1 for an annual fee. DUNS numbers are provided by Dun & Bradstreet and are free of charge. Qvalia’s users receive full support in obtaining their Peppol ID.

Swedish Peppol IDs registered with Swedish company registration numbers always start with “0007” as the identifier type. Qvalia uses its company registration number as an identifier to receive business messages and, therefore, has the Peppol ID “0007:5567321707”. For organizations using GLN numbers, the code is “0088” followed by the 13-digit code, for example, “0088:1234567891234”.

You can use our search service to find Peppol-IDs and other relevant information about companies connected to the Peppol network.

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