Handbook on smart business transactions with e-order management

E-order management whitepaper

Seamless connections with suppliers, customers, and partners swiftly shift from advantageous to essential. Our latest guide to e-order management provides insights to transform sales and procurement processes and B2B e-commerce with new technology.

The seamless and efficient data exchange in B2B transactions is essential to success. To help businesses navigate this transformation, we are excited to introduce our latest handbook that explores e-procurement and B2B e-commerce, focusing on leveraging technology for sustainable growth with e-order management and business messaging.

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Connected business: How e-orders transform procurement and sales will guide readers to insights to transform your sales and purchase processes, e-procurement strategies, and transaction management in B2B e-commerce. By utilizing electronic business messages and the Peppol, the international business exchange network, companies can harness the power of e-order management technology, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and build stronger connections with business partners.


  • Trends shaping the e-procurement market: Explore the latest trends and developments reshaping the landscape of e-procurement and B2B e-commerce.
  • The case for structured data in e-procurement: Discover why it is essential for efficient procurement and how it can revolutionize your processes.
  • How the Peppol network shifts the logic: Learn how Peppol is changing the game by providing a standardized global network for electronic business messaging.
  • Connecting businesses with e-orders: Understand the importance of e-order management in a modern business context and how they facilitate seamless transactions.
  • Using e-orders on the Peppol network: Get practical insights into implementing and benefiting from electronic orders on the Peppol network.
  • E-procurement and B2B e-commerce with punchout: Explore the concept of punchout catalogs and how they can enhance and automate the B2B e-commerce experience for buyers, sellers, and the finance team
  • A buyer’s guideGetting started with e-orders: If you’re new to e-orders, this section provides a step-by-step guide to help buyers choose the right platform and cater for a smooth transition.

Digital transformation is no longer a choice but a strategic imperative. Gain the necessary insights to harness the potential of e-procurement and B2B e-commerce with e-orders, ensuring your business remains competitive and adaptable. Download the guide today.

Download e-order management guide