Automation for CFOs ebook is now available

Automation of financial processes is on most finance teams’ radar nowadays. The benefits are too great to ignore, so what do you do as a CFO to take advantage of financial automation before the competition beats you to it? Our new ebook provides guidance.

For some useful strategies and hands-on tips, download our Automation for CFOs ebook now. A successful digital transformation is all about having the right knowledge, context, and planning to get the job done right, and the lessons in this ebook will not only get you prepared but also help your business hit the ground running.

What you will learn:

Identifying your automation potential

You know that implementing new processes and technologies is the answer, but how do you handle the execution so that you maximize the benefits? Begin with an end in mind to ensure your return on investment. Build a foundation for yourself first, have your goals in mind, and plan out all the steps in between.

Improving data quality

What you put in is what you get out. A financial digital transformation relies on the collection of clean and structured data, even though the sources are often diverse and numerous. Our ebook will help you clean up data formats for best results.

Programming your financial processes

What if you could run your business like a software program? The process matters just as much as the tools you use for the job. Process automation is another focal point of learning, especially your ability to take control and program your current financial processes.

Monitoring business relation

Your business partners are critical to your operations. Don’t forget to keep your records clean and manage risks during every step of the automation process. These steps are essential for keeping up positive relationships with your partners.

Improving your analytics

Don’t miss out on the insightful analytics that automation can help accelerate. By tracking your transactions and accounting activities more closely, you can make improvements to spending and optimize the budget in ways you never thought were possible.

Why automation? The implementation of new technology can result in better quality data and more control over your financial activities. You will see more productivity, more actionable analytics, new business models, and overall a stronger bottom line by the end.

There is no silver bullet to achieving a digital transformation. It’s all in the planning, preparations, and understanding of data handling. Qvalia has worked with hundreds of enterprises to help accelerate the digital transformation in finance. We’ve been at it since 2007, helping CFOs manage and automate their processes, and we’re eager to share our knowledge. Download your copy today!