This is Recovery Audit

Our experts get to the bottom in finding and stopping capital leakage. We analyse areas such as suppliers ledger, sales ledger, taxes and VAT, agreement follow-up, and salaries. We find double payments, overpayments, VAT complexity, wrong pricing, missed discounts, statement of accounts, and missed VAT deductions.

This is the typical recovery audit process.

Project identification
The parameters for the project are defined at an initial meeting, along with how raw data from the accounting system will be managed.

Data exports
The customer exports transactional data to Qvalia – all data formats and systems can be managed.

Qvalia conducts a statistical analysis, followed by a manual inspection by our experts.

We manage the correction procedure and take care of the processes surrounding it. We manage the dialogue between supplier, tax authorities and other parties.

Our Transaction insights report presents the project findings including key learnings to prevent future capital leakage. We present insights and metrics into the organisation’s accounting complexity, accounts payable workload, master data quality, and automation potential.