Recovery Audit

Better financial results with data-mining

Recovery audit is a financial data-mining service that helps you recover money lost in the transaction process.

Our leading experts identify, analyze, and fix your accounting errors. Improve your bottom line, cash flow, and access the essential insights needed to develop routines in your finance department.

Powerful accounting analysis for greater returns 

We find costly errors in your accounting. Whether you manage thousands or millions of purchase transactions each year.

Minimal effort for your team

Let our experts take care of the whole process. Our recovery audit service requires minimal time and resources from your finance team.

In-depth data mining

Our technology platform performs over 45 in-depth analyses on your general ledger. We find payment errors, mismanaged VAT, unused credits, and more.

Improve your process with new insights

Learn, improve, and prevent future capital leakage. Get essential insights into your accounts payable routines—bottlenecks, complexities, workload, master data quality, and more.

Some of our customers

Provision-based model eliminates costs

No budget needed, get started without financial risk. 

A recovery audit project with Qvalia is fully provision-based. 

Secure and transparent processes

We utilize the highest security standards.
✓ Transparent & easily accessible process
✓ 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard
✓ GDPR-compliant
✓ Strict protocol

Start recovering lost money today