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Our blog covers business messaging insights and product updates to help companies and finance teams work smarter. Learn more about electronic business transactions and how companies can use transactional data to reach operational excellence — from e-invoicing to e-ordering, Peppol, EDI, B2B e-commerce, and data management.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Qvalia’s new Partner APIs, designed to give our partners — from ERPs to invoicing platforms and consultants — enhanced and simplified capabilities for integrating Peppol network features into their solutions.

Here’s the essential glossary on Peppol with key terminology and concepts.

Invoice automation, a collective term for technologies that revolutionize how businesses manage their financial processes, is a game changer for finance, accounts payable, and receivable teams.

It is now possible in Sweden to call off electronic business message services using the framework agreement for operator services electronic messages in the Peppol network through the State Procurement Services at Kammarkollegiet.

Peppol, the open exchange network for business documents, has become the international standard for e-invoicing, e-orders, and many other documents. Our new introduction to …

Corporate resilience is all about ensuring it’s business as usual when the unexpected happens — or in a state of emergency. In many ways, …