Recorded webinar: The AI edge in finance

Rethink order-to-cash dynamics. Learn how AI, data management and business messaging can level up your processes.

Watch the webinar

Watch the recorded webinar about the role of emerging technologies in finance and order-to-cash.

From risk analysis to process automation; artificial intelligence and structured data transform how businesses manage transactions throughout the financial process. 

New technologies provide a particular edge in the business-critical O2C process — but why is structured data so important? How can AI be utilized? Which technologies are crucial for getting started? 

Learn more about AI, data management’s role, electronic business messages, and how to get started.


  • Trends and predictions on AI in O2C
  • Current and future use cases 
  • Enabling AI: The critical role of structured data
  • Beyond e-invoicing: Advancing digital commerce

Recorded March 6th, 2024.