The global e-invoicing and tax compliance report: Watch the tornado!

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The global e-invoicing and tax compliance report Watch the tornado

Explore the evolving landscape of electronic invoicing and tax compliance through the latest and much-anticipated Billentis report “The Global E-Invoicing and Tax Compliance Report: Watch the Tornado!”.

Prepare to navigate the complexities and uncover critical insights into the e-invoicing market forecasts for 2024-2028.


  • Market Growth: Expect a significant annual growth rate of CAGR 10-20% in e-invoicing volumes, driven by governmental mandates and regulations that encourage widespread adoption.
  • Regulatory Impact: Explore the profound influence of global adoption of tax-driven Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) models and governmental policies on e-invoicing mandates.
  • Integrated Digital Trade (IDT): Examine comprehensive strategies for automating both transactions and financial operations.
  • Technology Integration: Emerging technologies such as AI are becoming increasingly intertwined with e-invoicing solutions, enhancing efficiencies and security.

Stay informed about the latest developments in the global electronic invoicing and tax compliance landscape. Download the report for an in-depth examination of these trends and more.