Automating finance: 4 practical lessons in digital strategy for CFOs

Automating finance

Do you want to increase the automation in your finance processes? The ebook “Automating finance – 4 practical lessons in digital strategy for CFOs” provides ideas, inspiration, and guidance for how to get started.

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Does your organization strive for more streamlined finance processes? Digital transformation in finance is highly operational, aiming at reducing costs and improved control, from automated invoice handling and accounting to improved financial analytics.

Successful digital transformation requires a steady grip on the everyday data related to sales and purchase transactions. Essential steps are possible to take without large-scale IT projects or an army of consultants.

This ebook is about helping finance teams with practical tips and guidance to accelerate the digital transformation of their processes and implement sustainable automation – across the finance function.


  • Identify your automation potential
  • Increase your digital input
  • Finance automation made right
  • Know your supplier

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