A buyer’s guide to recovery audit

Are you planning to hire a recovery audit consultant? Interested to learn more about how financial data-mining can improve accounts payable processes and recover lost money? If so, this guide is for you.

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A buyer’s guide to recovery audit explains the how and why of recovery auditing, and what you need to consider before hiring a recovery audit consultant.

Learn more about:

  • Cause and effect of accounting errors
  • The basics of recovery audit
  • Step by step guide 
  • Buyer’s checklist

What is recovery audit?

Accounts payable teams must navigate in an increasingly complex world. No wonder why mistakes happen. The human factor, software glitches, or inefficient processes create risks of accounting errors and capital leakage. In organizations with large transaction volumes, these errors might become significant losses. Fortunately, this money is possible to recover.

The solution is to perform a recovery audit—a financial data-mining service that identifies, analyzes, and corrects accounting mistakes. The identified capital leakage can be recovered and immediately improve the bottom-line result.

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