Qvalia provides e-invoice management services to The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

MSB e-invoice management
Foto: Johan Eklund / MSB Stockholm

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB has selected Qvalia to support the agency’s sales and purchase processes with solutions for exchanging business messages and Peppol access point services.

“We are pleased to welcome The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB to our platform. The cornerstone of our technology, which unifies any stream of business messages into one scalable, dynamic, and secure solution, ideally matches MSB’s requirements,” says Henri Taipale, founder and CEO of Qvalia.

The services include access to the Peppol network, incoming and outgoing e-invoices management, and an online e-invoicing portal for suppliers to MSB. The agreement was made using the framework for operator services provided by Kammarkollegiet, The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

Peppol is an international open business network accessible to companies and public organizations, designed to streamline the standardized electronic exchange of business messages. The network supports a variety of message types, such as e-invoices, e-orders, e-catalogs, punchout messages, and response messages.

About MSB

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB is responsible for helping society prepare for major accidents, crises, and the consequences of war. Our work is led by a Director General appointed by the Swedish Government. The agency has 1200 employees, and the headquarters is in Karlstad, Sweden.