Organize your insights with Workspaces

The latest release introduces Workspaces in Analytics for simplified organization of financial reports and sharing insights between team members.

We’re glad to announce that Workspaces is in production today on the Qvalia platform. This update improves the usability of reports in Analytics and helps users quickly access and arrange reports and insights based on real-time purchase and sales data.

Like file folders for your reports, workspaces simplify how various teams and users access metrics designated to their responsibilities; accounts payable, procurement, specific projects, departments, suppliers, geographies, cost centers, or any other custom dimensions.

Individual users can also keep workspaces private, for example, work-in-progress or due to confidentiality.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Organize any report in dedicated workspaces
  • Designate workspaces, e.g., projects, cost centers, or teams
  • Save new reports directly to workspaces
  • Share workspaces with your team members
  • Keep workspaces private
  • Unlimited number workspaces

This update is now available for all subscribers to the Insight plan. using our spend analytics solution.