Introducing contract compliance

The latest release adds contract compliance features for improved vendor management and further precision in Analytics.

New features and improvements on Qvalia available today improve vendor management and enable deeper analytics capabilities. Here’s what’s new:

Contract compliance

We’ve added a new Contracts tab in Supplier Manager, which enables users to mark companies as contracted suppliers and classify the vendors according to UNSPSC.

This feature simplifies vendor management and helps ensure contract compliance by sorting non-contract suppliers from vendors with a valid contract or framework agreement.

Additionally, with the new option of classifying vendors according to UNSPSC, users achieve a more granular analysis of purchase transactions in Analytics. New charts include “Spend by contract” and “Contract supplier“.

Maintenance and updates

Additional updates, bug fixes, and maintenance include:

  • Minor UX updates to Dashboard
  • Signup updates for new and existing users
  • Minor bug fixes

The release is in production from May 4.