Epical and Qvalia partnering for integration solutions in electronic business messages

Qvalia has entered a strategic partnership with data consultancy firm Epical, previously the consultancy business within Enfo, aiming to simplify and enhance the management and integration of business messages and payment flows for companies in the Nordic market.

Modernizing the handling of electronic business messages, such as e-invoices, e-orders, and e-catalogs, is crucial for a sustainable digital transformation of financial processes. The growing international Peppol network has significantly streamlined the exchange of messages between companies.

We are scaling up our offerings in integration development and taking the next step in strengthening our ecosystem of partners and collaborations.

Magnus Strömer, EVP Integrations, Epical

The partnership between Qvalia and Epical addresses the demand for a comprehensive solution for planning, integration, and technical operation of business messages and payment streams within large organizations and complex environments.

Magnus Strömer, EVP for the Integration business area at Epical, states, “The partnership with Qvalia is strategically important for Epical. We are scaling up our offerings in integration development and taking the next step in strengthening our ecosystem of partners and collaborations that contribute to a secure and efficient digital environment for our customers. Through teamwork and long-term partnerships, we can collectively create a future where data is used responsibly and can be trusted.”

Henri Taipale, founder and CEO of Qvalia, comments, “It is exciting to initiate a partnership with Epical. There is a significant need in the market for support in the integration process to harness all the benefits of digital transaction management, from planning digitally adapted processes to integration and operational issues. Our offerings complement each other well, creating value for our customers.”

By combining Epical’s integration platform and expertise in integration solutions with Qvalia’s platform for transaction management and Peppol access point, businesses and organizations can modernize their business message streams more efficiently, rapidly, and securely.

This comprehensive solution simplifies creating, sending, and managing a complete range of electronic business messages within various IT environments and business systems, including the Peppol network and direct communication with individuals through online banking. It offers the most dynamic possibilities for automation, data control, and analysis, benefiting finance, IT, and procurement departments, and is available to both new and existing Qvalia and Epical customers.

About Epical

Epical is a Nordic data consultancy firm specializing in data and analytics, security, applications, and integrations. Together with 500 digital experts, Epical supports and enables the management, application, and protection of customers’ data. Since June 1, 2023, Epical has been a subsidiary of Enfo Oyj.

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