Invoice and billing

Have you received an invoice via Qvalia? We help our customers with tools to simplify, improve, and automate financial processes. The invoice you have received was created and distributed via Qvalia by one of your suppliers.

For more information about your invoice, review the invoice details.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve overpaid an invoice, what do I do?

Don’t worry if you have overpaid an invoice that was created and distributed with Qvalia. Please contact our support team, and we’ll help you with issues concerning payments and refunds:

I’ve received an invoice from another payment solution

We cannot provide support regarding invoices and payments from other payment companies, such as Klarna, Walley, Billogram, Payex, Qliro, Parkster, etc. You must contact the appropriate company to get the assistance you need.

How do I dispute the invoice?

If you want to dispute the invoice, haven’t ordered the item, or didn’t get what you paid for, please get in touch with your supplier. The supplier details are stated on the invoice.

I need a credit invoice

If you request a credit for a received purchase invoice, please get in touch with your supplier. The supplier details are stated on the invoice.

The invoice was missing a PO number

In case of missing information on your purchase invoice, for example, PO number or other information necessary for processing the invoice, you must contact your supplier.

My company is requiring e-invoices

Our platform enables invoicing via PDF, print, or electronic Peppol BIS Billing 3 format. E-commerce customers can choose a suitable format and add references upon checkout. If your company only accepts e-invoices but has received a PDF invoice from your supplier via Qvalia, contact