Upcoming webinar: Getting an AI edge in order-to-cash

How can you future-proof your order-to-cash processes with data management and business messaging? Join Luc Godfroid, Trifinance, and Henri Taipale, Qvalia, for an upcoming webinar on emerging technologies in finance & O2C.

From risk analysis to process automation — artificial intelligence and structured data transform how businesses manage transactions throughout the financial process. New technologies provide a particular edge in the business-critical O2C process — but why is structured data so important? How can AI be utilized? Which technologies are crucial for getting started? 

As businesses strive for efficiency and innovation, understanding the role of emerging technologies in automating and optimizing O2C is more crucial than ever. This webinar is designed for finance professionals, technology enthusiasts, and business leaders looking for inspiration to transform their O2C operations.


Day: Wednesday March 6th, 2024
Time: 3:00-3:45 PM CET
Registration: Sign up here


  • Trends and predictions on AI in O2C: Explore the trends shaping the integration of AI in the O2C process. We’ll share our predictions on how AI technologies will evolve and impact O2C strategies.
  • Current and future use cases: Discover real-world applications of O2C and look ahead to future use cases. Learn how AI is being leveraged to streamline risk management and more.
  • Enabling AI: The critical role of structured data: Understand the foundational role of structured data in enabling effective technology solutions. We’ll discuss data management and optimization strategies to pave the way and deliver on the promise of efficiency and accuracy.
  • Beyond e-invoicing: Advancing digital commerce: Go beyond traditional e-invoicing to see how new technology is driving the advancement of digital commerce. This segment will cover how to facilitate seamless transactions, enhance customer experiences, and support sustainable business practices.
  • How to get started: Get practical advice and actionable steps for businesses looking to improve O2C processes.